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"Dear Brand, ...
Outgrow Yourself, Inspire the World!"

a leadmarke project // curated by ralf schwartz

(119): Dear Brand,.. I Was Not Born to Follow.


No. 51 / Ross Proulx

Collaborative Fund

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(118): Dear Brand,.. Black is Such a Happy Color.

:: Wie Tentakeln

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(117): Dear Brand,.. BORE ME MORE.


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(116): Dear Brand, .. Here, Let Me Wipe That Bullshit From Your Mouth.

V I C I O U S L Y // C Y D

(115): Dear Brand, .. I Did Not Change. You Just Never Knew Me.

I didn’t change. You just never knew me.

Jay Mug

(114): Dear Brand, .. Life Is BEYOUtiful.

Life Is “Be You” Tiful

Jay Mug

(113): Dear Brand, .. Your Head Is Where Ideas Go To Die.

this isn’t happiness.

(112): Dear Brand, .. Is What You’re Doing Right Now Really That Important?

distinctive leadership | ralf schwartz

(111): Dear Brand, .. Silence Is Better Than Bullshit.


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(110): Dear Brand, .. You Are Not Famous. Get Over It.

You are not famous. Get over it.

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(109): Dear Brand, .. Friendship is the Slimiest Kind of Cannibalism.


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(108): Dear Brand, .. Please Do Not Smile At Strangers.


(107): Dear Brand, .. Reflections in this Mirror May Be Distorted by Socially Constructed Ideas of Beauty.



(106): Dear Brand, .. Quit Procrastinating. WORK ON YOUR ART.


this isn’t happiness.

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(105): Dear Brand, .. GO DO GOOD.


Kay Rosen, Go Do Good, screen print, 15 3/4x 21 3/4, 2011 (via Columbia College Chicago : Anchor Graphics).-Awesome.

Go do some. Now.


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